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Cockroaches are a high risk pest to have in the home.They carry a range of serious illnesses, including salmonella food poisoning, dysentery, diphtheria, gastroenteritis and typhoid. Furthermore, cockroaches have been identified as a major source of powerful allergens, often the cause of asthma, allergies and eczema, especially in urban areas.The health risk is particularly high in homes with children, the elderly or those fighting illnesses.

Beyond the health risks, cockroaches are a distasteful pest to have in the home. They are not only a disturbing sight, they cause contamination and can produce an obnoxious odour that taints food and objects which they come in contact with.

If the conditions are good, and temperatures sufficient, as is the case all around the year in most parts of India, cockroaches can breed rapidly. They are highly resilient and have developed resistances to a number of insecticides. A quick response is therefore essential to ensure that cockroach infestations do not go out of control or spread to neighboring properties.

Gel Treatment/Odorless Spray

This service formula is very effective for the control of cockroaches; gel is applied at electrical appliances, cracks, split etc. The gel is applied with the help of applicator. Gel attracts the cockroaches to feed on it leading to their death. The toxicant in the gel is also spread to other members resulting drastic reduction in cockroach population and provide the best result in minimum interval. Gel is applied mostly in the Kitchen, pantry & furniture.

We offer the most advanced gel treatment for cockroaches and ants. This treatment is safe, quick, effective and stress free. You don't need to empty the cabinets and drawers and you don't even need to leave the house after the treatment